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Free Spay/Neuter Services

Without question, the most effective way to control the homeless pet population is to spay or neuter. That is why we offer free spay/neuter services for any cat that spends any time outdoors in Williamson County. It doesn't matter if it is your family pet that spends only a few minutes each day outside, a friendly outdoor cat that spends time with you and multiple other caretakers or if it is part of a feral colony that lives its entire life outside trying to avoid humans. If it spends time outdoors in Williamson County, we will spay or neuter it at no cost.

You may hear these types of programs referred to as "Community Cat", "Trap-Neuter-Return" or "Return to Field" programs. Regardless of name, the practice of returning cats to the safety and familiarity of their outdoor homes after being spayed or neutered is the industry standard to control cat populations and assure that healthy outdoor cats continue to thrive. Further, lost cats are more likely to reunite with their humans if they are returned to where they were found.

All cats that are spayed or neutered through our free services, without exception, will also receive a free ear-tipping and a microchip. Ear-tipping is the universally recognized indicator that a cat has already been spayed or neutered and the microchip allows us to monitor a cat's health should it be brought to us again.

You will be required to provide proof of residency in Williamson County to receive our free spay/neuter services. If you do not live in Williamson County, you are welcome to apply, but appointments are very limited for out-of-county residents and there will be a small fee.

If you are able to get an outdoor cat into a carrier, you MUST schedule an appointment.

If the only way that you can transport an outdoor cat is to first capture it in a humane trap - such as a “Havahart” or “Tomahawk” trap - you can bring it to the center between 8:30 am and 9:30 am, Monday through Friday without an appointment. We WILL NOT accept a cat brought to us in any carrier other than a humane trap without an appointment. You can rent a trap from us for a $50, refundable deposit. And, we may be able to provide assistance with trapping if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Our veterinarian will perform the spay or neuter procedure on the same day that you bring an outdoor cat to us and you can pick it up between 4 pm and 5 pm that day as well. In addition to the free spay or neuter, ear-tipping and microchip, your outdoor cat will also receive a rabies vaccination (if it is at least 12 weeks old) and FVRCP vaccination at not cost. For an additional $15 each, you can add three-month flea and tick protection and/or a self-administered dewormer medication to your service.

Kitten Rescue & Rehome Program

We also have a program known as "Kitten Rescue & Rehome" for Williamson County residents who find a litter but would prefer to rehome the kittens themselves. If the kittens you've found are at least eight weeks old and weigh less than four pounds, you can make an appointment to have them spayed or neutered by our veterinarian for free then returned to you. We will also spay the mother at no cost, if you can bring her to us.  Every kitten spayed or neutered through this program also receives a microchip, age-appropriate vaccinations and flea and tick control at not cost, ear-tipping is optional.

We will gladly accept these kittens later if you decide that rehoming is not for you.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services

Spay/neuter services are also available for a small fee to Williamson County residents who have an indoor cat and/or dog that they wish to have spayed or neutered. Appointments are limited for these services and the exact cost will depend on your income and factors such as your pet's breed, size and weight.