About Us

FixFinder is a project of Community Cats United Inc. and provides funding for individuals who need financial assistance in order to obtain spay and neuter procedures for their pets. FixFinder also works with individuals and groups who help to spay and neuter community cats.

FixFinder’s pilot programs will focus on helping with spay/neuter of cats, community cats and eventually dogs. We will provide nationwide assistance as funding allows. Each funding request is reviewed based on individual need.

In addition to the pilot programs, FixFinder provides resources nationwide to fund low-cost clinics for cats and dogs. FixFinder pays the funds directly to low-cost veterinary clinics on behalf of the individuals.

We value transparency and provide updates to donors as to where their funds are used as well as reporting updates on our website, Facebook pages and our to our email subscribers.

About Community Cats United Inc.

Community Cats United, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity.

The mission of the Community Cats United, Inc. is to engage members worldwide who dedicate themselves to the care taking and efforts towards feline overpopulation. Our vision is to uplift shelter medicine, encourage more TNR clinics, support our members in whatever area of cat rescue and advocacy they volunteer within, and to push forward towards an end goal of lessening the plight of unowned cats everywhere.

We respect and salute the men and women who act as caretakers, assist in the sterilization, and advocate on behalf of these unhomed, beautiful creatures.

Saving cats saves dogs too – ask us how!

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Meet our Board of Directors

Beth Frank

Beth Frank has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember, and passionate about the plight of community cats.  Believing that education is the key to promoting TNR and responsible pet ownership, she decided to establish the Trap-Neuter-Return Community on Facebook in 2014, quickly growing this to a huge community of supporters, now numbering over 24,000 followers! With the success of TNRC, Beth founded Community Cats United, Inc. (CCU) In 2015, a 501(c)3 entity that engages and supports a worldwide audience of people who dedicate themselves to ending feline overpopulation.  Today, CCU is a vibrant and growing online community, including groups for each state, specific topics (special needs cats, TNR Only, rescue/ socialize/ foster/ adopt, education (Community Cat Movement) and many others. 

In 2018, Beth’s vision led her to the creation of FIXFinder, Inc. (FF) as a project under CCU.  FIXFinder’s goal is to increase the number of companion animals and community cats being spayed/neutered in order to decrease pet homeless populations and needless killing.  The searchable database for low cost and community cat spay/neuter services was launched in 2019 and funding programs for FIXFinder were launched in 2020.  CCU/FF also recognize veterinarians and clinics that support low-cost and community cats spay/neuter with a Certificate of Recognition.

Michelle Gonzalez-Monska, DVM

Owner of Rascal Animal Hospital and Rascal Unit (mobile clinic) for veterinary services including low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, etc .  Also has extensive knowledge in shelter medicine.  OH (Bio coming soon)

Jenny German

Jenny German has been an animal advocate for as long as she can remember.  In 2003, she became active in TNR by taking on a feral colony of 52 cats in her community of Coldwater, Michigan, and transporting them to a low cost program 45 minutes away.  To date, she still oversees this colony and TNR’s any new drop-offs in the area.  Her colony involvement was the beginning of her passion for community cats and for the past 17 years, she has utilized her expertise by educating others, providing TNR workshops, speaking engagements, and tackling low and high volume areas for TNR purposes (including a local trailer park where 267 cats have fixed).   She was also instrumental in starting two low cost spay/neuter programs in her community with the latter one “SNiP Now” created specifically for felines.  By focusing solely on cats, this allows her to devote even more time assisting community cats.  In January of 2013, Jenny was featured in Cat Fancy magazine for being a dedicated cat champion.   A firm believer in community outreach, Jenny also provides free cat shelters, has TNR’d over 1,500 cats in her community, delivers pet food to residents, networks stray cats to get them adopted, and works tirelessly with multiple animal rescues by going on location to troubleshoot cat cases.  She is passionate about community cats and will forever be a voice for them.

Susan Somerville-Franz

Longtime animal advocate experienced in low cost spay/neuter projects (Bio coming soon)

Goldie Arnold

Goldie Arnold founded The Northland Animal Welfare Society in 2007.  The Northland Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (“NAWS”) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in MO that serves as a coalition for Clay and Platte counties dedicated to educating citizens regarding the humane treatment of animals. NAWS works to create awareness, regarding the need to reduce the number of homeless animals and to build a care and adoption campus so that every animal may live in a safe and caring environment.  NAWS offers low cost spay neuter services, TNVR trap rental, vaccinations, micro-chipping, grooming and dog training.  Goldie  began with hosting fundraisers and after 5 years and 150 events, was able to rent a building to provide spay/neuter services, run by volunteers and staffed by 1 veterinarian.  Today, thanks to Goldie’s vision and leadership, NAWS has a permanent location and operates with 20  volunteers and a staff of 3 part-time veterinarians, 3 vet techs and two office staff admins. 

Jill Steinberg

The Cat Network – Miami FL (Bio coming soon)


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FixFinder is a project of Community Cats United, Inc., a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.