Directory Listing Detail

Directory Listing Detail

Model: non-profit
46381 EASTMAN RD, South Dakota, USA 57262

The Lake Traverse Reservation provides reduced cost veterinary care for people living on the reservation, and some nearby communities. We have mobile veterinary clinics, usually in the end of April or May and again in late Oct or Nov. We also have a year round veterinary program with a vet partner in Wilmot SD. There is a copay for each program.

To use our Wilmot Program, we need the following information:

About you:

Your name

Phone number

What town do you live in?

Are you a tribal member? (we'll help either way)

Are you on any public assistance? (we'll help either way)


For each pet:

Dog or cat

Their name

Approximate age (some veterinary procedures have a minimum age requirement)

Breed if known (for dogs)

Have they had any veterinary care in the past? (like vaccines)


Please email or private message the Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue Facebook page with the information above and we'll send you the next steps.

Phone: 7632323420