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Directory Listing Detail

Model: non-profit
766 S Broadway, PO Box 385, Idaho, USA 83221


At Bingham County Humane Society, we are dedicated to addressing the issue of unwanted companion animal births.  We assist Bingham County residents with the cost of spay/neuter of their canine and feline companions.   Residents must purchase vouchers directly from us and are accepted at select partner veterinarians. We also have a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program to help community cat (feral) colony caregivers to spay/neuter all cats in the colony. This not only stabilizes the size of the colony, but helps reduce disease. Call/text us for more information at 208-680-3881


Our mission is to advocate the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet guardianship, and companion animal sterilization.

Phone: (208)680-3881