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Directory Listing Detail

Model: for-profit
1485 Route 38 Hainesport, NJ 08036, New Jersey, USA 08036

For over a decade, Dr. Cobb worked exclusively for shelter spay/neuter clinics. Though gratifying, suggestions to optimize care were often rejected. High-volume clinics exist to end pet overpopulation. Affordability is essential. Clients looking for optimal care had the option of private practice but Dr. Cobb envisioned something even better.

At Ace of Spays, veterinary experience creates affordability but optimal care is the practice focus. The practice’s unique mission is a game-changer.  Recommendations to improve care are welcome regardless of cost. Short-acting anesthetics improve safety and recovery times even though the process is more expensive. Quality pain relief medications are used regularly.  Care is taken to answer client questions and provide ease of access to and from the clinic. Veterinary students are welcome to visit but do not perform nor assist in surgery.

Owner/caretakers, rescues, trappers and breeders know that regardless of “ownership,” Ace of Spays treats every pet on an individual basis, putting optimal comfort and safety above affordability. Newly hired staff members routinely comment that care is equal to or better than they have seen in private appointments at full-service veterinary practices.