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Directory Listing Detail

Model: non-profit
PO Box 2532, North Carolina, USA 28802
PO Box 2532, North Carolina, USA 28802

The Humane Society of Buncombe County (dba Friends2Ferals) is dedicated to improving the lives of community cats and humanely reducing their numbers over time utilizing TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return). Our work directly helps our local shelters and rescues maintain their no-kill status.

We also provide emergency medical services and food to community cats, and try to help, as much as possible, the pets of the following communities within Henderson, Buncombe and Madison counties in NC:

  • Low-income Residents
  • Seniors Living on Fixed Incomes
  • Public Housing Residents
  • Trailer Park Residents
  • Homeless Residents

Wherever possible we work with local animal shelters to find homes for abandoned pets and outdoor kittens.

To date we have helped over 15,000 cats!

Phone: 828-505-6737