Directory Listing Detail

Directory Listing Detail

Model: non-profit
Post Office Box 322, Sheridan, Arkansas, USA 72150

Vouchers for financial assistance to spay/neuter companion animals (dogs/cats).  Vouchers available for 64 AR counties.

How does the program work?  Participating local nonprofits are listed on our spay/neuter program partner page. Each partner may have a slightly different way they manage their program. Please contact your local voucher provider for details about their local program.

Voucher Application/Approval Process

1. Pet owner completes application and mails it to PO Box 322, Sheridan, AR 72150

2. AARF receives application from PO Box and determines approval or denial of voucher.

3. AARF documents approval/denial and mails voucher or denial letter to pet owner/applicant.

4. If approved, applicant makes appointment with local vet from approved list and references voucher program while making appointment.

5. Pet owner/applicant provides approved voucher to vet clinic as requested.

-- This voucher is like a coupon. We pay a portion of the charges and the pet owner/applicant is responsible for the remaining amount.

6. Vet processes voucher and submits it for payment to AARF.

Phone: 870-484-3248