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Animal Alliance South Cumberland (Tracy City, TN)

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Model: non-profit
P.O. Box 627, Tracy City, Tennessee, USA 37387

, Animal Alliance South Cumberland is a spay/neuter assistance program located on the southern tip of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. We help make spaying and neutering affordable and available to low income pet owners in all of Grundy County and the mountainous areas of Franklin and Marion County, TN. We are all all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit formed in 2008, that provides financial assistance to pet owners who would not otherwise be able to afford to spay or neuter their pets, and transportation assistance to the clinics as needed., We are a spay/neuter assistance program. We do not use vouchers, but do provide financial assistance and assistance with transportation when needed to help low income pet owners spay and neuter their pets. We did our first transport to a clinic 50 miles away in 2008. In the past year, a veterinary clinic opened a clinic on our mountain and does a few discounted sterilization surgeries for us once a week. We also still do a monthly transport to a low cost clinic once a month. We ask people to pay what they can and our volunteers do fundraisers, write grants, and receive direct donations to help us cover the cost of these services that the pets owners can not afford to pay. We have done over 4,400 spay/neuter surgeries to date. We do not have a shelter or animal control; however, our aggressive spays/neuters have made a major impact on lowering the numbers of stray dogs and cats on our mountain, plus we have elevated the health and safety of our local pets, and are helping to end pet homelessness through prevention and education.